I didn’t want to include diapers, strollers, or car seats on this list because I feel like those items are not one fits all.  I will write about what I own and use at the end of this post, but I recommend you doing some of your own research on what will work best for you and your family.

Most of the items on this list I didn’t know I needed until baby was actually here.  I think these are great items to add to your baby registry as most of them are affordable.  My daughter is almost 6 months old and I still use all of these items today.  Now of course, remember, these are MY personal necessities from my personal experience.  Every mommy and baby is different!

In no particular order…

1. DockAtot Co-sleeper
$175.00-$200 depending on design, this is the most expensive thing on the list

Even if you don’t co-sleep I still think this is a great purchase.  It’s fairly expensive, but for me, it’s one of the items I use most.  I personally chose to co-sleep with my newborn and still do.  This co-sleeper comes in two sizes, the grand and the deluxe.  The grand you can use from birth till 8 months old (depending on the size of your baby).  I used this co-sleeper as soon as I brought her home.  She was so comfortable and cozy in it, the walls mimic the womb and helps babies feel safe and cuddled when you are not able to hold them.  You can use this for naps, nighttime, chilling and on the website they state other ways to use this (such as tummy time).  If you want to co-sleep but feel nervous about rolling on top of baby or anything like that, this will put you at so much ease.  Also it helps so much with breastfeeding throughout the night.  It’s so convenient.  As well as if you need to run to the bathroom or do something just take it with you and stick baby in it.  She can’t go anywhere for a while.  I take it with us to hotels or airbnbs.  So good for nap times.

2. Vava night-light
This is one of my favorite, favorite purchases.  Probably the best thing I ever brought off of amazon.  No one told me that I’d need a night-light so badly!  Personally, I hate sleeping with any kind of light on so a plug-in night light just wouldn’t do for me.  When you are waking up every few hours to feed the baby you need some kind of light and you don’t want anything too bright that’s going to wake her all the way up.  Plus a common new mommy thing is checking for babies breathing a million times a night, so this light absolutely helps with that.  This light has a yellow light and a flourescent light option, gets brighter and dimmer all with a gentle touch.  You charge it and you can take it anywhere you go.

3.  Earth Mama Natural Nipple Butter 

I didn’t think that this would help or be necessary until I used it.  It really does help to soothe nipple irritation, helps with chapped nipples, and I even use it on my lips.  It also smells delicious and is safe for breastfeeding.  FYI I think that they recently changed their packaging so it might look different from the picture posted above.

4.  Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
$11.99-34.99 depending on size

I use coconut oil for baby to prevent diaper rash (as a butt balm), I use it in her hair (it prevents cradle cap), I use it for baby body massages, as her lotion.  Coconut oil contains fatty acids that are antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial.  It’s a super healthy, safe option for baby with no added chemicals.  Plus there are thousands of other ways you can use it as well.

5. Cloud B Sound Soother Machine

I love this thing, we use it every day.  It has, I think, five different nature sounds.  It plays for up to 45 minutes and it’s great to block out other noises so baby stays asleep during naps or falls into a deeper sleep at night.  It may not be a necessity to others, but it was for us.  Sometimes my daughter sleeps very lightly and just walking away wakes her up.  Other times she sleeps deeper, but the sounds on this thing always help.  I also take it and strap it to her stroller when needed.

6. Breast pads
$5.99-12.99 depending on size, brand, reusable/disposable

No one warned me about the amount if leaking that goes on while breastfeeding (especially the first few weeks/months).  On many occasions I left the house and arrived at my destination to look down and see a soaked shirt.  It’s pretty embarrassing.  Also if you didn’t know (I definitely didn’t) if you are breastfeeding baby on one nipple, the other nipple starts leaking uncontrollably).  I used reusable/washable and disposable breast pads.  Eventually the disposable ones became more handy because washing out breast milk a bunch of times wasn’t as easy as I thought it’d be. Anyways.  These were a necessity for me and if you don’t believe me, just wait and see for yourself lol.

7.  Summer Infant Changing Pad

At first I was like, “oh it’s fine, I’ll just change baby on my bed. I don’t need all that”.  And then you quickly learn…maybe I did need..that. Babies like to pee as soon as you take off their diaper and also once in a while, they’ll do an explosive poop, one that seeps out of their diaper and you are not going to want to just put her on your bed.  I don’t use a changing table or anything, just this pad and I have a few different covers for it so I can switch out if she messes one up.

8. Muslin Swaddle blankets
$19.99 for pack of 3

I’m obsessed with baby blankets so I have many and I find a way to use them all.  I didn’t swaddle my daughter the first few days at home, because I didn’t know how and it seemed like a pain.  She obviously kept waking up from naps abruptly due to the startle reflex that babies have for the few months of life.  My postpartum doula taught me how to swaddle her a few days later and I found it to be extremely helpful.  Baby loved it and slept much more comfortably.  I also use the blankets for laying her down places.  They’re just so light and so cute.

9. Nose Frida Snot Sucker
$19.99 with the saline and extra filters

I was unsure about this purchase before I had a baby, it just sounded so weird, but I threw it on my baby registry due to its great reviews.  I loved it as soon as I used it.  In combination with its saline, which is just sea salt and water.  It helps you clean out baby’s nose so well if needed and its way better than those little blue bulb syringes.  My daughter always looks so relieved after I use it on her.  See how it works by clicking here.

10. Feeding Pillow
$29.99-$49.99 depending on design, brand

Last but not least, a feeding pillow.  Now this list is a FIRST TIME mommy necessity list, not a I’ve done this before mommy list.  If you’ve never breastfed before, you don’t know what to expect and for most first time moms, it is just not easy.  Especially for c-section mommies. For me, having a low weight newborn, I found it very difficult to hold her and feed her.  I purchased a boppy pillow (the blue/gray pillow in the picture) before she was born and when I tried to use it, I found it didn’t help at all.  My baby just sunk through the middle.  My midwife said many moms have this problem and she recommended I get the breastfriend feeding pillow (the green one).  This pillow saved me in my first weeks of breastfeeding.  It has a strap to wrap around your stomach and the pillow hits your tummy with no gap for baby to fall through.  I could just lay her on it and feed her and I was SO relieved.  I was extremely stressed out trying to feed her before this pillow.
It’s very helpful if you’ve just had a c-section and can’t move around as freely as you’d like.  I put both pillows up there because I suppose if you have a larger newborn that the boppy would maybe work better.  I have both now and my daughter uses the boppy pillow for tummy time.  I don’t use either pillows for feeding anymore, but I will use the breastfriend pillow for my next newborn.


Other Items we use…

Now for the more obvious necessities that I didn’t put on the list because there are so many options out there and I think it’s best to do your own research to find what suits you and your family best.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 9.01.46 PM

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

The main reason I chose this stroller is because I plan to have more children all in a fairly close age range and this stroller allows you to attach multiple seats to it.  It comes with a bassinet for a newborn and then a ‘toddler’ seat, which really works once baby is around 4 months and can hold their head up.  I chose not to get a stroller/car seat together because I thought it would be a pain to take the car seat in and out.  At first I regretted this, because obviously you wake a sleeping baby up often taking her out of her car seat, but after the first few uses I was happy I picked this stroller.

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 9.03.19 PM


Nuna RAVA Convertible Car Seat

It’s a good car seat.  Not really sure what to compare it to, it does the job.  It’s a bit big, it didn’t leave much room for my tall husband to drive our prius.  We had to get a larger car so we all had space.  Not really sure if that’s the car seats problem or my husbands.  It’s very sturdy and comfortable.  It says online that it can be used for 5 lbs and up, but it was definitely too big for my 5.7 newborn.  That’s the only downfall I’ve had with it.  She didn’t fit too well for the few two months without having a towel or blanket stuffed around her head (under my watch of course).

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 9.03.49 PM


Andy Pandy Eco-Friendly Diapers

I found these diapers on amazon after doing a bunch of diaper research.  In a dream world I’d have done cloth diapers, but no.  It just wasn’t going to happen.  I had a huge concern for diapers being eco-friendly and comfortable.  I just felt bad putting my baby in a crunchy, uncomfortable diaper.  These are so soft, I love them.  Once I started using them I had a hard time switching to anything else.  We also use these overnight and haven’t had an issue with leaking.  Downfall is I have to order them off of amazon and that they are quite expensive.  80 of these diapers are about $36 where as a box of 80 honest diapers are about $25.


Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 10.34.21 PM.png

Seventh Generation Free & Clear Diapers

We also use these. I like them as well, but I wouldn’t leave her in one for too long because I’m not sure how long they can hold.


Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 10.40.00 PM.png

Water Wipes

We only use these wipes, I order a huge box off of Amazon.  Love them.


I hope that this list was helpful for any soon to be or recently new mommies.  Maybe even seasoned mommies will learn about something new and helpful.  Let me know if you try anything and love it!  I’d love to know what works for you.  And feel free to leave your own suggestions in the comments for other new moms to see! (and me heh)
















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